Friday, November 21, 2008

Cream of Curried Spinach soup

I love creamed spinach and cream of spinach soup. I also love Saag, the Indian spinach dish. I used to never like spinach, but I've grown to enjoy it as an adult.

We had a bag of spinach sitting in the fridge and it was not good for salad, which it had been purchased for. They were large, rubbery leaves with thick stems. Plus I was afraid it was starting to turn. So I took a chance and turned on the crock pot. (This would also work in a large pot, the crock pot is just more reliable for me temperature-wise.)

I cut some onion, placed a spoon of diced garlic, and sprinkled curry powder into the pot as it was warming up on high. I washed and diced the spinach. 10 oz of spinach with 1.5 cups of water was placed in the pot. Some salt and black pepper was added.

It was stirred occasionally as the spinach cooked down. Once the spinach was done, I added a small can of evaporated and milk and simmered the mix for about 20 min with a little more curry powder for taste.

It turned out pretty good. Adjust the water and milk/cream based on your preference.

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