Monday, December 1, 2008

2 sites to visit if buying handmade this Christmas

Most everyone interested in handmade and crafting has heard of Etsy. This venue is now boasting over 200,000 shops to browse. The quality is starting to decrease, but there are still some top notch handmade gifts and amazing art to be found there. But Etsy has some competition this year for the handmade niche – Artfire.

There have always been other handmade and art venues – freecraftfair,, dawanda, mintd, and some shops on eCrater, blujay, bigcartel, and even eBay. But when it comes to format and ease of use, two new contenders have entered the ecommerce ring in 2008 – Artfire and Shophandmade. Of these, Artfire appears to have the potential to be the next, and better, Etsy.

When shopping online this holiday season don’t just visit Etsy for your handmade needs, check out Artfire as well. It’s still in beta, but many sellers are relocating there because of customer service disputes with Etsy corp. There is also a way to find your favorite seller if they have left the venue – the former Etsy sellers page. I expect to be busy adding to it from tips this holiday season.

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