Friday, December 5, 2008

Find me on Artfire

I'm relocating from Etsy to Artfire. As things expire from my main shop (AliciaMae) and my supplies/destash shop they will not be renewed. My photography might or might not stay and I might reopen the supplies shop at a later date, but I'm not willing to pay Etsy for what I can get for free somewhere else that also has real customer service.

I've butted heads with Etsy admin in the past and they are now gone, but the problems still exist that they refuse to resolve.

I will still frequent Etsy as a buyer, write about crafting, and participate in EtsyBloggers and MSOE as long as what I do is relevant to the groups.

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Tulip's Talking said...

Wow Girl! What happened...? Seems so sad. How is ArtFire doing for you? I have been seeing a lot of that link lately and would enjoy knowing.

Best wishes