Friday, January 2, 2009

Fight the CPSIA Law of 2008

Small handmade businesses who make anything for children are in for some problems if the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) goes into effect next month. The Law was made in response to contaminated toys being imported from overseas, but it affects EVERY manufacturer (even small, one-person, at home creators) of children's toys, clothing, accessories, what-have-you. The cost to test the items for safety will make one-of-a-kind and non-mass-produced items go the way of the dodo.

Even if a crafter's supplies were tested, they have to test the finished product - every type of finished product - at $1000-$4000 a pop.

A better explanation from Joey&Aleethea.

Helping fight the barriers the CPSIA will cause small businesses that make toys and children's products - The Handmade Toy Alliance


storybeader said...

how horrible is this?! I will definitely sign petitions... Don't members of Congress have children of their own anymore?

Shell Mitchell said...

This makes me so mad! Handmade gifts are the best for the little ones. How depressing that soon our only choices will be mall crap.

Patti said...

Thank you for providing a direct link to help in this cause. It's way too often that our lawmakers throw the baby out with the bathwater!