Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rich colors on display

When I hear the term "rich colors" I think of purple, magenta, royal reds and blues - these are supposedly in this year. They are definitely wintery colors and this week the Blogfire guild is having a blog carnival on this topic. I want to share some finds with you.

First is a cross stitch pattern I'm working on. It's been a personal project for...a few months, I hate to admit, because I've made very little progress. It was going to be a gift for some friends, but I'm not sure anymore. Anyway, I purchased the handmade pattern from PurpleRhino on Etsy. What struck me about it originally are the complex colors in the design (the picture is slightly cutoff at the top and bottom).

In my front windows I have two large vinyl stained glass painted stickies from
WindowButterflies, who I purchased from on Etsy. They are absolutely gorgeous! One of the ones I have is the Peace Mandala, but their butterflies and other garden creatures are amazingly beautiful. They are hand painted to resemble stained glass, but attach and remove easily (they even come with instructions!).

For real stained glass, there's glass2glass on Artfire. They have a rich purple and clear abstract suncatcher that can be hung multiple ways.
Those are just a few things that I wanted to share :)
(*note: The images are from the URLs of the items they represent. If the seller changes their listings, the images will disappear or change.)


Cards By Jenna said...

Love the butterfly! So pretty. :-)

I just posted my blogfire carnival post too! Can't wait to read others posts.


LadyK said...

All of them are so pretty. I really like the cross stitch pattern you are working on. :)

Bear Chick said...

Beautiful examples of the rich color--I always love the purple but the blue suncatcher is also gorgeous!

AliciaMae said...

Thanks everyone :) I do need to commit more time to the cross stitch - I'll post pics of the progress!