Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tutorial collage

I've written a few times about how to do something. It's time I provide a central place to find that information. I actually do have a Squidoo lens for crafts and cooking, but I'll highlight a few things here for you, too.

Earlier this week I wrote about apple pie cookies, but I have other recipes for cream of curried spinach, potato candy, easy burger and pasta, crab dip, apple crisp, and crab cakes.

I also have articles on how-to create magnets and make liquid potpourri.

If you are interested in making a Squidoo lens (a webpage) to showcase blog posts on a particular topic, or to write your own articles and share, it's easy. First, sign up for an account at Squidoo.

Click "Make a lens". It will guide you through a setup process - choosing an address name, the main tags, and a title. Choose a focused theme or your business/blog in general. You can make as many lenses as you want so don't be afraid of being too narrow.
Keep the address appropriate and common sense, it makes your lens easier for people to remember. For the tags, you can add more once your in the edit mode. Think of it similar to tagging your blog posts or shop listings - but for Squidoo, use as many forms of the words you can think of. For the title, make it interesting but appropriate.

Next, is the edit screen. Each module can be edited. Start with an introduction and a picture. Then add, remove, or edit the modules (this capability is on the right sidebar) as you feel suits the material. You can add your blog RSS feed, sell things from Amazon, add your shop RSS (Artfire doesn't have this capability yet), add "text with picture" boxes to talk about 1 item at a time and so forth. Play - have fun with it!

Be sure to go through the tabs on the right sidebar. You can earn ad revenue or have it donated from ads on your lens, you can even opt out of a lot of the ads that are shown.

Hit publish when you're ready to make it live. It takes about 24 hours for the lens to initially make it up, but publishing after that is immediate for that particular page.

It takes a little playing to get it exactly right and to figure out what every module is or does, but it's a free way to compile information about one aspect of what you do or to spread the word about your business/shop.


Cards By Jenna said...

Hi AliciaMae,

Your recipes look so delicious! I have a Squidoo account but have yet to take the time to do anything with it. I love the lens for cooking. :-)


storybeader said...

I've never heard of Squidoo before! Thanks for the introduction!