Saturday, April 11, 2009

Call for camera advice

I need a new digital camera. My trusty HP is dying/dead. Something with the electrical components because the cord doesn't always work and batteries just aren't connecting once they're in.

It appears that HP is no longer making digital cameras (I can't find any on their website or via their retail partners) and I have used their products for years, I love the automatic light correction. So, do I go with the Canon or Kodak? Is polaroid any good for digital? I'm seeking advice from my fellow camera users.

I'm okay with 8mp, but would prefer 10-12 mp. But it also has to be affordable. We're not talking top of the line, just high quality in general, with some sort of perk for focus stability or lighting correction.

Needless to say, there won't be new pictures from me until I find a new camera *sigh*

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Cozy said...

Sorry about your camera. We and others in my family have had Kodaks and have not been so pleased with them. My sister loves anything Cannon. Jim and I like the Nikons we own. We have a D70 SLR which is a heavy beast that we are still learning how to use. We also have one of their Cool Pix line that we keep handy for a nice camera on trips and with family.

PS Stocking up on post it notes. Good idea!