Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More hiking pictures

Well, do I have a funny story to tell you! We went out hiking to take pictures again yesterday, this time to Profile Lake. Anyone familiar with New Hampshire or seen the state quarter has heard of The Old Man of the Mountain. It was a natural rock formation that looked like a profile 1200 feet above the valley floor (it was 48 feet tall itself - about 5 stories!). In 2003 it fell due to water erosion of the fragile balance of the rock shelves - they estimate that it had in place for 12,000 years after the glacial retreat.

We had hiked the pemi-trail at the base of the Old Man mountain, around that side of Profile Lake, last September. Here's a pic of me on the marsh bridges at the south end of the lake, with Eagle cliff in the background (East side of Franconia Notch).

Yesterday we walked the Franconia Notch bike path that goes around the other side of the lake, and we could actually see the Old Man, we even stopped by the Old Man historic site to take pictures of what he looks like now (we didn't see any beavers though there are two huge beaver dams and lots of gnawed trees!) Below is a pic of the historic site with the remaining stone face above the sign, and a closeup pic of what is left of the old man.

Anyway, we ended up hiking down the bike path to the other side of the Old Man mountain, then back on the pemi-trail around the backside of the lake rather than backtracking along the bike path. Well, it's spring thaw, so the brooks and rivers are starting to get high. We ended up wading through a stream that was freezing cold (yay mountain runoff lol), then we had to straddle the rivulet that had formed of runoff coming down the path, twice. Which included me slipping on a rock and splashing into the cold, muddy, running water (insert expletive and a giggle from my boyfriend lol), crossing a snow bridge with water running underneath into the lake, into which I fell knee deep and am surprised I didn't lose a shoe or fall in the lake (yes, there's still snow in the shadier and higher elevations), and then we had to rock hop across a very fast, very cold stream at the last 50 feet of the trail - which included me almost falling in AGAIN. lol

It was definitely an adventure, as everything with me usually is! We also noticed a natural feature we hadn't before - waterfalls on the south end of Eagle cliff.

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