Saturday, April 25, 2009

New Polymer Clay Projects

I've reorganized our hall closet, so my craft things are no longer in inaccessible cardboard boxes (Yay!). I approached a project I had left hanging about a year ago. I have resin (supposed to be melamine resin) cameo cabochons that I want to make polymer clay encasements for, I think it'll be a creative way to make them into pendants. I even got some new metallic silver clay (not PMC, I don't have the kiln for that), high grit sandpaper, glaze, and bake to bond polymer clay adhesive. Well, turns out they are not melamine - as I melted one in the oven during curing. I even checked out the exact material before purchasing them last year because I wanted to make sure they could withstand the 275 degrees of curing. Melamine is supposed to be heat resistant. Maybe it was the adhesive? I don't know - so I had to change my approach. I have two now that worked ok, and I didn't need adhesive because I basically encased the edges so they aren't going anywhere, but my flush backing idea won't work. (I guess some are melamine after all lol gotta love Ebay and now unregistered users *sigh*)

I should've taken a picture of the melted one, but I threw it right into the trash. It was actually kind of funny, a sort of slurred, melted face just sitting there in a hardened clump. It didn't run, it just polled under itself, lifting the cabochon off the clay.
Here are the two I'm currently sanding and will glaze. I also have some painting to do in order to enhance the detail - the coloring in the actual piece was uneven, and it's enhanced by the polymer clay enclosure - I think it makes them interesting.

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