Friday, April 3, 2009

Recommended Polymer Clay

The next recommendation in my series is for someone who I go way back with, before Etsy. She's actually the one who introduced me to Etsy a couple years ago when she started selling jewelry - now she's a member of the New Orleans craft mafia and a total polymer clay diva!

She's Tressa of Flambeaux Design Company - a fab one woman show with a number of signature pieces! Namely bird pin, chandelier necklaces, poppy and corsage pins, and buttercup necklace. (Follow her on Twitter if you want to hear about new listings in her shops!) She's also now on Artfire.

Tressa's designs are both practical and unique, with a bit of that NOLA flair. She's also a great seller who wants to make sure things work out. You can find her at the Craft Mafia events if you want to see her work in person.

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Tressa said...

Thanks Alicia! You rock!