Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Things my Mom would love

This week's Blogfire blog carnival theme is Mother's Day - it's only a month away! It also falls near my Mother's birthday every year, so I have to be on my toes in advance!

This has, by far, been the most fun and challenging carnival entry for me because I've been going through the handmade sites for things my mother would love. One thing she really likes is cows, and you'll see a lot of them in this post lol

The opening picture above is a handmade sass card by Dandee. If that isn't along your style, you can try this sad kitty card from SkribblyKids.

In order to prepare us for dealing with the events of the day, who couldn't use a moo'd indicator? Let the kids know when enough has been enough with this cute handpainted plaque from handkraftedkreations.

This embroidered coaster from Delightful_Stitches can be versatile - used at home or at work!

Speaking of coasters, Mom is always careful that we don't leave rings on the furniture. She'd get a big kick out of this flattened cow from nothinglikeit to hold her tea...or it can hold these scented tealights from SweetSurrenderCandles.

Of course what we all need is a vintage cow creamer! And my Mom would get such a kick out of this one from VintageIntent.

Finally, my Mom would love this quilt from quiltingmama, because it would remind her of the great quilts her Mom used to make :)

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