Thursday, May 14, 2009

Good Times

I visited friends for a couple days, so I have been quiet the past few days. They were great hosts, we had a blast (I kicked butt at Boggle - oh yeah). And then today after catching a few z's I had my new Hobo purse by SuthrnFlwrDesigns waiting in the mailbox! Just in time for my shopping trip to the new Food Coop tomorrow! And the farm stand downtown is open now, the Farmer Market is coming soon...exciting times!

I'm also waiting on new polymer clay molds, which are handmade by making impressions of some interesting bric a brac by AgainNAgainMolds. I have a new translucent clay, too, so I have all sorts of faux bone and faux quartz ideas. I should be listing some cameos in the next week after I get some more sanding and buffing done. I've set some melamine cameos in faux bone (aka polymer clay). I'm very excited about how they're coming out!

Speaking of quartz, I've ordered my first handmade, organic makeup from Pinkquartzminerals. My poor face is getting so sensitive as I get older, and with the cooler climate it's drying out with other products - so I'm delving into sampling some real minerals. (It's a fellow twitterers fault for posting a link to her shop when swhe was having a sale! lol)

Shopping, it's what happens when I notice my Paypal balance growing lol

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