Friday, May 29, 2009

Recommended Charity

In my recommendations series I've been focusing on handmade items, but I began this series in the spirit of helping people - those who I know and those I've bought from. Today I'm returning to the core reason for this series and interjecting something a little different.

If you have found yourself lucky enough to be prosperous and are looking for a charity to help, I highly recommend Feeding America.

Formerly known as America's Second Harvest, you can locate and donate directly to your local food bank or volunteer at nearby shelters. I first got familiar with the program after Hurricane Katrina. After 9/11 I had donated to the American Red Cross, but the funds are sometimes directed in questionable directions. They are still a worthy charity, but I know that people need to eat just as much as anything else, and so I chose Second Harvest in 2005. They are not spammy, though I do get a reminder in the postal mail each year that they're still accepting donations.

For many you can donate via Paypal, and you can give as little as you want. Sometimes all I have is $5 and want to buy someone else a bowl of soup! Well, through Feeding America, you can.

For Christmas, I donated to the NH food bank (where I live) because I was too far to help out at the shelters for the holidays. Last month, after hearing from my Mom the dire situation of those in Elkhart, Indiana (I'm from Northern Indiana) - about the Feed the Children trucks bringing in supplies and food to all of the homeless and unemployed - I donated to the Northern Indiana food bank. You can easily find your own via their website.

Or volunteer at a local shelter! You can easily find what works best for you and your situation!!

And if you are in need of help from a local food bank, you can locate them via the Feeding America website - godspeed and much luck

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