Monday, June 22, 2009

Handmade College Necessities

Ok bloggy friends, I need a little help. I'm putting together a little care package for my baby sister, she's going away to college in the Fall! I am trying to think of those little forgettables that she may not get, but we all know make life more comfortable when living away at school in a dorm room.

She's got many basic school supplies, I'm getting her a wet bag and cosmetic bag for the shower, she has basic hygiene stuff and microwavable bowls.

What are some handmade suggestions for me to throw in? Those unique necessities that I am not thinking of...

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Alex said...

--Duffel bag for last minute sleepovers or trips to home.
--Extra blankets
--trash can
--recycle can
--book bag or laptop bag
--wash clothes
--curtains [attach an old sheet to a shower curtain rod to avoid having to use screws]

I'm heading off the college in the fall too, so I've been making a list of things I should bring and been thinking of things I could make my self instead of buy.

Hope I helped. :]