Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Zazzle Stuff

The past week has involved a lot of learning for me. One thins is I've been trying to learn the ropes of GIMP, a freeware picture editing and graphic design program. I turned to it to handle this month's MSOE challenge, which was molecular biologist Rosalind Franklin, the first person to image the structure of DNA. I finally came up with my entry:

It will be printed by Zazzle on demand (that is, if a purchase is made - or it can be bought straight from Zazzle, too)

Making this design got me on a roll, and I now have 4 different colors of this design as a new genetics product line, part of my new Grafx line, on Zazzle - and in many shapes and sizes (there are options available when looking at an individual product). I also have a celtic knotwork line I have started to fill out.

I finally got my scanner working (yay!) and I just got a new book of celtic design templates that allows use in your own projects with attribution. That said, the template for the above design is used with the printed permission of Search Press, The Complete Book of Celtic Designs. The coloring and background is all me.

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