Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vacation memories

This week's Blogfire guild blog carnival theme is vacation - most memorable or humorous memories.

I'm having a tough time with this one. It's difficult to pinpoint a particular vacation as any I've gone on with my family have a humorous element - my family is nuts! In all the good ways.

I also want to be able to include a photo, but any really funny ones would get me in trouble (ah the drunk cousin in New Orleans - classic) - so I'm thinking....and thinking....

aha! I've got one... 1996 Disney World, Orlando, Florida

In 1996, my mother took us to Disney World. This was something we had been saving for since I was, well, for as long as I could remember and I was 16 that year. My brother was 14 and my sister was 5. Mom had just gotten a new (to us - it was only 2-4 years old total) minivan and I had just gotten my driver's license, so Mom and I shared the driving, from Northern Indiana to Orlando. She didn't drive any of Kentucky, I got it both ways, and I had to drive through Atlanta, Georgia in a torrential downpour while it was undergoing the road construction in preparation for the Olympics - and I was a new driver! I still don't let her forget that she made me do that lol

It was a great vacation - we stayed in Kissimee the first night, wandering the little souvenir shops. Then we checked into the Caribbean Beach Resort, one of the Disney hotels. I don't remember which specific part of the complex we stayed in (Barbados? Jamaica?...I dunno) but it was amazing (and hot as hell lol). We could take the shuttle and get to the park an hour before the general public, we spent a whole day shopping at Disney Village while my brother went to the water park. The one day we used the van that week was to drive to Universal Studios.

Funny highlights:
1. My mom broke her toe the first night at the resort. She hit it on the bed. She then proceeded to spend all week walking around with a broken toe because, dammit, we had waited 16 years for this vacation! (She is such a trooper, and she still talks glowingly about the vacation - the toe is just an aside like, eh, it's just a toe lol)

2. The ghosts at the end of the Haunted Mansion - Mom and my sister was in one car, it was between them; my brother and I were in a car and the ghost was on my lap with its arm around me - my brother loved that.

The pic is my sister and I a few years later on my college campus (still about 8-10 years ago - my how time flies) - I couldn't find any digital copies of our Disney photos and my scanner isn't working.

3. Alien (at MGM Studios I think, maybe tomorrowland, can't remember), scared the bejeezus out of my sister. I thought she was going to break my hand, she squeezed it so tight. If you haven't been on that one, you sit with a shoulder restraint thing that holds you from getting up. They then proceed to go through a show where the alien gets lose and breaths on your neck, walks on your shoulders, etc. She was one strong five-year-old! (a few years later I went back with my cousins and after making them go on that ride they wouldn't talk to me for an hour lol)

4. The teacups - we had a wonderful day at the Magic Kingdom, the last ride to go on was the teacups. On which my brother decided to spin us so fast my sister and I complained about headaches and felt sick - a 14 year old boy ruins the day again! lol Now it's funny, at the time - not so much. My mom said then and there "sure, we have a wonderful vacation and THIS will be the part they remember" - lol yep!

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