Sunday, June 14, 2009

Well hello real mouseys

It's ironic that the cats got their toy mice last week, and then this week we have real ones.

We often get caught up in the mundane nature of life - we get up, we work, we come home, rinse rather repeat. The past few days have been surreal, and it's all because my boyfriend has a sweet nature towards animals. The store he works at has had a mouse problem the past 2 weeks, they've found food packages nibbled on the shelves, an entire cabinet filled with mouse left-behinds (chewing, pellets, yellow stains) - the bugger was a real problem. It was hitting the traps without getting caught until earlier this week, when they finally got it. Everything had been cleaned out and the products on the shelves checked over, problem solved.

On Friday he swore he heard squeaking coming from the wall. By the time he left Friday night, a lone baby mouse had made it's way out to stumble and squawk. Now, I grew up on a farm, when a mouse comes in, you help it back out, and baby mice either survive in the wild or re-enter the chain of life. So I told him to set it outside and let nature take its course (he did it, checking on it because he couldn't stand the thought of it starving to death, he kept hoping to find that a cat or bird had come along and helped it on its way).

Saturday it was still there, shivering and hungry. He couldn't take it anymore, and I couldn't stand that it bothers him so much. He has such an amazing empathy for critters - and I felt so horrible for not taking on the task of aiding and abetting the rescue sooner. I happened to have the car yesterday so I returned shortly after dropping him off, small container and comfy cotton fabric in hand. Once he suckled some wetted bread the little guy was all over the place, squawking for momma.

Just to reiterate the cuteness, a closeup:

Over the course of Saturday, three more baby mice appeared. After the first three, I setup a box for them. Here is the aftermath of a 3 mousey pileup - mouse jenga if you will, and they all topple over lolThey couldn't drink the water from the bottlecap without getting all wet, so they now have cucumber to suckle. And I've added oats for them to get some grain nourishment, which seems to have helped them stop squawking. Four mice this morning:

I now have news of a fifth baby mouse, who will be joining us this evening. The boyfriend was sent to work with a small container and cucumber slice (we thought we heard more squeaking before he left last night), so the little guy can recup a little before rejoining his siblings. Their eyes aren't open yet, and they are just getting their teeth. They aren't quite weaning age (we're estimating about 2 weeks old, when weaning is 3-4 weeks), but hopefully they're old enough that the early weaning won't make life too difficult for them.

Once they have open eyes and can fend for themselves (ideally no mouse pile squeaking to attract predators) they're going to be released into the national forest down the road, to nest in the rocks and leaves. Probably in the next week, 2 weeks tops. We think they're deer mice based on all the descriptions by the local wildlife office.

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awww - they sure are cute (as long as they aren't in my house)