Thursday, July 9, 2009

Citrus meltaways

A few weeks ago on Twitter, I was being tempted with this recipe for lemon meltaways. I went out and bought lemons to make it. They were wonderful. So I bought limes and tried those - I like them even better! Just replace all the "lemon" with "lime".

I use Imperial margarine instead of Land O'lakes butter and I mix everything in the food processor because I don't have an electric mixer. It's a shortbread, so don't bake them til they're brown. They'll stiffen up as they cool. (The specks are zest).


eclipse said...

ooh yum I will have to try them with lime! I always do lemon because I have a lemon tree in the backyard. But I really love lime flavored things too.
I usually double or triple the zest in the recipe because I like a really strong lemon flavor.

AliciaMae said...

I do the extra zest too...with the lime it came out really well to do that. I used extra juice in the cookie too