Monday, July 6, 2009

Need craft books?

I found a pretty good deal via Crafter's Choice. 4 books for $1, get another for 50% off, only buy 1 more book at their prices (which are slightly cheaper than new) in the next year. AND I got a tote bag.

But this wasn't any ordinary tote is a super duper tote bag with sturdy handles, an attachable shourder strap, and interior pockets, including one with a zipper! The bag is huge...and it's heavy duty canvas.

I am impressed to say the least. Oh, and the cat got a new bed out of it too lol

What books did I get? You ask...I'm learning to knit from the chicks with sticks, relearning my sewing, and updating what I know about polymer clay beads and basic jewelry techniques, and I got a book of celtic designs with license rights. Their selection is pretty impressive.

What I really like though is that there are no automatic shipments, so I don't feel pressured to respond to their features or worry about returning merchandise I don't want. I just got my books 2 weeks ago, and so far I'm loving them. (pictures of the knitting progress to come soon)

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