Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Running in the grass

I was planning to make this post an announcement that I likely will be taking a break from this blog this week and to excuse the interruption - our old cat had what appears to have been a stroke, and I'm just very very tired. But the next blog carnival theme for Blogfire is about favorite summer memories, and it's a great opportunity for me to share with you something that's been making us very happy the past few months since our beloved Nietszche (aka Buddy) got sick.

Him playing in the grass.

Until we moved here last year, all he had was a concrete balcony to go out on if at all, but as a young cat he loved to be outside. He's been an indoor cat for almost 10 years (he's 15-16 now). We now have a yard and a deck that the cats (we have one other one) can go out on. They're pretty good about not running off since they're so dependent on the indoors, and we always supervise them. Sometimes they'll get brave and chase a bug or butterfly, but the grass distracts them and they chew for long enough that we can catch up.

Last Fall we let them out a few times, even once to check out their first snow. But then the Winter came and it was too cold, so they'd curl up in their kitty beds instead.

In late February, Buddy started sleeping a lot and became very groggy. We figured it was the weather. They've never had snowy weather before and so much grayness (they're from the South lol). After 2 trips to the vet, the diagnosis was an enlarged heart. He's been on a diuretic ever since and doing well. He improved into a whole new kitty after that.

It's been so wonderful to see him able to enjoy the grass and outdoors again. Knowing he has had one more chance to be happy before his time comes, it's something I will always remember about this summer.
As shown all too well by his very scary episode late last night, his time will be coming all too soon.
I so wanted to let him out today to lay in the grass, but it was raining. So he's just going to have to hang on until tomorrow. (Edit Sunday July 26: he passed away very early this morning. He had a few more opportunities to lay out in the grass before he went.)

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