Sunday, August 23, 2009

EtsyBloggers Carnival August 28- favorite food

This week's EtsyBloggers blog carnival has two themes, one is back to school and the other is our favorite food. Well, I already talked about Back to school for the Blogfire carnival, and I try to not double up the posts, so I'm going to write about my favorite food for this one.

Though, I don't really have a single favorite food. As a kid I would've said pizza, but isn't that what most kids say?! lol However, a pizza can be made so many different ways, that it's capable of quenching different cravings at different times. So it's possible to eat pizza every day and not be eating the same thing every day...although that crust would probably show up on the thighs by the end of the week!

I still eat pizza quite often, though I tend to oft for thin crust now - white sauce with broccoli, spinach, and cheese; bbq sauce with onions and chicken; tomato sauce with pepperoni and cheese and/or sausage - mushrooms, black olives....mmmmmm *drool*

I wouldn't call pizza my absolute favorite food, but it's a versatile food that can be called upon to carry the favorite of the moment. I like pasta for similar reasons...add a sauce, some veggie, and a meat and you're good to go.

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Kathleen said...

haha - I was 21 before I ever had a piece of pizza - and I was instantly hooked =p

But I never thought of bbq sauce and chicken!!! mmmmm....