Monday, September 21, 2009

Behind the Blogger

This week's EtsyBloggers blog carnival theme is to write about me or my studio. Well, I don't really have a studio, and a picture of a TV dinner table (where I craft) is likely not interesting, so I chose to write a Behind the Blogger post.

So...Here I am, exposed

I grew up in northern Indiana, living on a small horse farm 20 minutes outside Warsaw until I was 16. I graduated from Wawasee High School and went to college at IU Bloomington, getting a BS in Biochemistry with a minor concentration in Business. While in college I lost my younger brother to a car accident, ascended to being the head editor of a literary magazine, and decided I had to leave the state if I was to grow as a person. Instead of getting a local job I applied to graduate schools in New York, ending up in the Dept of Pathology at New York Medical College in Westchester. I completed my dissertation research in 2006 and received my PhD in 2007. I moved to North Carolina in Dec 2006 to be with my boyfriend (a New Orleans native with just the slightest southern style of speaking). Last year we moved to northern New Hampshire, where we now reside, sighing at the beauty of the mountains.

I've always been interested in crafts, art, and writing. I had a personal blog for years through grad school and I had poetry published in my high school newspaper before switching to an editorial capacity in college. I worked with watercolors and calligraphy in my small room in grad school, and I picked up acrylics and woodburning in North Carolina. Now I've exanded my horizons to accommodate a lack of space for painting, though I hope someday to have a woodworking and painting studio. I do love working with polymer clay, but jewelry isn't always something I can design. Making the beads is easy, putting together a jewelry piece I like is tough!

My day job is as a scientific editor and writer, I also fact-check articles for one of my writing sites and participate in side projects to edit various forms of content for companies, researchers, and students. I don't always have time to craft, but it's there when I need the distraction :)

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storybeader said...

Hi Alicia Mae! Sounds like your day job fits you like a T. Hope you're enjoying it. {:-Deb