Thursday, September 17, 2009

Home Sweet Home

The next blogfire blog carnival theme is "Your Home". I like my little house. We just moved in last year to a small home we rent on the outskirts of a mountain town. It has limited space, and I'm afraid to hang things on the wall, but I'm putting ideas aside for when we own our own larger home.

What are some things I really would like in my house? Let me dig into my hotlists (muahahahah):
Mosaic Cafe Wall Art by GreeneGoddess

Mosaic Shadowbox by Broken4Art

Handwoven Rug by Rags2RugsandMore

Rustic Barn Wood Shelf by roccostar100

And the piece de resistance - Buffet Cabinet by jamesrobinsoncreations

1 comment:

Carey Lynn said...

nice selection! I know what you mean---we moved 6 motnhs ago and I can't bring myself to hammer the nails into the walls either. But it sure is fun to 'nest'