Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Recommended Glass- Headchangearts

I was so excited to see that my friends who work the torch with borosilicate glass added things to their Etsy shop...I've been wanting to feature them ever since I started the recommendations series.

Headchangearts is Lisa and Loren, two amazing people with three amazing kids, and they make amazing glass pieces. Have I said amazing enough? Well I mean it. I've seen them work the torch, stood behind their displays at shows, and I own a few of their pieces - a water lily drop pendant and green "love" tubular/rod pendant among them (It also helps that they're such great peeps).

The Head Change Arts website has galleries of their work, but ordering what they have available on Etsy is easy, too. They currently also have a gallery in California, so if you're in their area, you should stop in and say hello while checking out their new pendants, marbles, artwork, and functional glass items. They do custom work, too!

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