Friday, October 16, 2009

Pumpkins, ghosts, and boredom

I love this time of year - the cider, the leaves, the wood smoke smell - and usually I love Halloween. We carved pumpkins last year, and I want to carve one this year. Maybe I'll even turn on the porch light for trick-or-treaters (we live off the street so I don't think we'll get any..but maybe). But this year is going to be boring. Why? Because my boyfriend is working that night *sigh*

We've been trying to watch scary movies on TV, but they aren't showing many yet. So it's hard to even get ready for the spooky night. And it's been getting really cold here. It just doesn't feel much like Halloween this year. I want to do a costume and go out...but it's just not going to happen.

On the topic of spooky though, I live near Whitefield, NH - were Spalding Inn is located (now owned by the Ghosthunters of Syfy fame). When my mom visited 2 weeks ago we went to the pub there for dinner. My mom and aunt have their own ghosthunting hobby and love the Ghosthunters show. The staff were really nice and even allowed them an extended tour after the pub closed. My boyfriend stepped out on the patio and took some pictures, testing out our camera's various nighttime settings. My mom later saw this in the pictures (I've zoomed in on the original).

It's very creepy because noone was there and the lights were off in the dining room at the time. I've even digitally removed the flash from the window and a shape remains. I can't seem to break down what made the anomaly. My family is convinced it's a ghost lol I'm not so easily impressed :)