Friday, November 6, 2009

Busy with the Books

I've been busy this week. I made a small journal for my sister for her birthday in September, using what I learned in a bookbinding class this summer. The design is such that she wanted 10 more for a college project! So they're all ready and going to be on their way tomorrow. Hopefully Media Mail doesn't take forever and I haven't impeded her project.

The yellow covers are banana leaf paper, the others are made from lokta paper, which is handmade by villagers in Nepal. All made from recycled materials that would otherwise be refuge in villages. They're bound in hemp twine using an old Japanese method, and I do a rough split on the outer edge of the paper (just standard computer paper at the moment, I hope to get rice paper soon).

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Justine the ETSY Blogger said...

Those journals look like really great quality!