Saturday, November 14, 2009

Turkey Day is coming!!

I love Thanksgiving! Well, I love the holidays in general. This time of year is just chock full of great smells, sights, and food. I found a little 12 pound turkey to roast for me and my boyfriend. I love the smell as it fills the house with juicy aroma. I'll be making my grandmother's stuffing with raisins, which I just love to douse in gravy.

Though the holidays make me think of family, I live far away and the Winter weather could be in full swing by Thanksgiving. So it'll be a dinner for two, but pleasant nonetheless (and will likely be the Wednesday before since he works on Thursdays, possibly even Thanksgiving). And of course, there will be the parade Thanksgiving morning. What parade? you may ask. Well, the Macy's parade of course!

That parade has many memories. My grandfather loves the Rockettes from Radio City Music Hall, and I grew up watching the parade on TV. In recent years it's been a little less appealing, with all of the children's and pop culture/teeny bop people who I have no clue who they are (does this mean I'm getting old?!)...but several years when I lived in New York I went to the parade with my cousins from New Jersey. We froze, and it was wonderful! lol

And then, on that Friday - Christmas decorations go up! woohoo :)

Oh, I can't wait til Turkey Day...I'll be eating cold turkey and cranberry sauce sandwiches for a week afterwards!


Splendid Little Stars said...

You post jogged a Thanksgiving-time memory. My Dad would take me and my brother to watch a parade! I remember being very short, very exited, and having lots of fun!

tamdoll said...

Love your post. It's making me hungry (stuffing, raisins, gravy, yum!) Even though I lived in NY, I never went to see the parade & now all I can see it on is tv, so I don't bother -- to commercial!
Have a great holiday!