Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Another year passed...

This week's Blogfire blog carnival theme is to reflect back on 2009. Another year has passed and it's that time when people take stock of where they've been and where they want to go.

The past year was my first full year in New Hampshire, but it wasn't too eventful. We lost our oldest kitty Nietszche, we tried to save some orphaned mice at my bf's work (which was a new thing too), and had a few different family visits. I also started some new lines with polymer clay jewelry.

This was also the first year for the Blogfire guild, which has been a large project of mine. In addition to the recommendations series on this blog, I had a series on how to setup a blog and features about the guild members on the Blogfire guild blog. It's been a busy year and it's gone fast.

I had so many ideas in mind for new things that I didn't even get near, but I have a new sewing machine and a list of projects that hopefully will see the light of day in 2010.

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Carey Lynn said...

we really appreciate all your work on BLOGFIRE! I admire your creativity and hard's to 2010:)