Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas is coming!

Ahhh, it's that time of year again, when the air gets crisp, the snow begins to fall, lights flicker in the early darkness, and secret shopping trips end with parading a wrapped package in front of loved ones only to tell them they can't know what it is yet.

I love this time of year. I grew up with Mom bursting with secrets about gifts, letting us know in her sing-song signature "I know a secret". And then she'd bribe us to tell her hints about what we or anyone else got her lol She's still that bad!

This week's Blogfire blog carnival is about the holidays, and I happen to celebrate the more evident holiday that occurs this time of year. I do the tree, the presents, even the stockings (it's just me and the boyfriend, but I still do it). My 3-foot tree this year, again, has painted pinecones as ornaments though I have nice glass and ceramic ornaments I've collected over the years - we had to have kitty friendly versions until we have a larger tree with more room.

I love the whole gift giving process. I'm prepping boxes full of presents for my family far away, hoping to get those to the post office next week sometime. I have wrapping paper ready for when my boyfriend's gift arrives (I shopped online for something I had trouble finding and that I know he needs this Winter), so I can wrap it and have it goading him from the corner when he gets home from work. It's just a wonderful wonder-building time.

I'm looking forward to's rather late this year. I live in the Northeast U.S. (way North), so it'll be nice when it finally blankets the landscape. I can see it on the mountains, taunting me. The crisp air is here, though, and it's spectacularly clean.

ahhh...Christmas is coming


Cozy said...

I love the decorating. Gift giving ties me in emotional knots however. In our family we have some picky people that I seem to always disappoint. I was taught gratitude for anything someone was willing to give you and they missed that.

On to decorating in my house and I will worry about the other this weekend.

Trish said...

I'm in Texas and it snowed! We has a day of a blanket of snow. Really put me in the spirit. I love everything about Christmas!!!!!!!!!! You name it and I love it. We have 2 large trees and 1 small. Does that say anything? lol