Thursday, December 17, 2009

December EtsyBlogger Carnival

This week's EtsyBlogger blog carnival theme (one of them anyway) is about my favorite Christmas gift I have received.

It's difficult for me really to answer what my favorite gift has been. I remember many of the gifts I've given, as well as some I have received, but they all integrate into my life because I like and/or use them, and they don't so much remain associated with how I obtained them. So I'm going to try to dig back into my memory and summarize at least some of the gifts that have made me happy over the years.

There are my fuzzy Tazmanian devil slippers that have had a place in my closet for a decade plus (and I still wear them!), books that I disappeared to read as soon as they were open, snow globes and other collectibles that made me squeal with delight when I opened them, and the not so useful gifts that were given with good intentions from an unexpected source (my brother me pencils with football players on them one year, but he had taken the initiative to get them himself to make sure I had another present to open). There is the diary with a lock my brother gave me one year (because I complained about him reading it, and he knew the only way he wouldn't, or maybe the only way he'd be challenged lol, is if I could lock it!).

But I think the present I always remember, even though it was almost 20 years ago, was the year my brother and I got a Nintendo. Christmas 1990. Mom and Dad got it for us to make up for the fact that our sister had been born. Or so that's how the family joke goes. My sister was born in September 1990, I was 11, my brother was 9. Mom was sick a lot and we were stuck at home with Dad (a long, and not so great story). So we got a Nintendo for Christmas "sorry for the inconvenience kids, here's a game for your trouble". I still have that Nintendo, it's in my mom's basement gathering dust. It has hardly worked in the past 10 years, stalling in the middle of Super Mario Bros. (maybe it's the cartridge, it's the original!) or not reading a game at all (I still have a box of them, along with the Game Genie!! woohoo cheats!). But that Christmas, not only did we have Mom back and mostly healthy again, and a new baby sister, but we had a Nintendo. We were so friggin' cool! :)


storybeader said...

nintendo and a baby! I bet you two played and fought over it all the time! Did your dad ever play, too? {:-D

AliciaMae said...

My dad didn't play that one, I don't think. He used to play the Atari we had before it, a little bit, but the Nintendo was all ours, especially after school when both mom and dad were at work, and yeah, we did fight over it a bit and were told to stick to 2-player games so we couldn't hog it from one another lol