Sunday, January 3, 2010

Welcome 2010!

A new seems like it was just the other day that we rolled over into 2009, heck, 2000. It's amazing how much faster time goes, especially the older we get!

What's ahead this year? I have no clue :)

I have a new sewing machine to become familiar with, but it requires a space and surface I don't yet have. I have a notebook of polymer clay ideas, I hope to work in a little of that every week. I have new wood boxes to paint, an activity that I find soothing and relaxing. I have knitting I've been meaning to keep up with, in order to learn it better.

So many things I would like to do this coming year. But it may be a move to a larger abode that will make it all happen. We'll see.

What I'm doing exceptionally well at keeping up with (besides work lol) is learning to play the guitar. My boyfriend gave me an acoustic guitar for Christmas, because I've been talking about wanting one all year. And I'm taking a little time each day to limber up my fingers, work on my strumming rhythm and learn new chords. Eventually there will be a song, tune, or something recognizable :)

2010, it'll be the year of new things and finally doing things I've put off (I hope!)

This week's Blogfire blog carnival theme is "What's in store for 2010"


BoutiqueKarma said...

Happy New Year!

Seems like you have a ton to keep you busy with in the new year.

I purchased a new sewing machine also over the holidays (my old one gave up on me). I'll have to spend eons learning all the crazy features.

see you on twitter :)

you new Blogfire friend,

Carey Lynn said...

that's great, A! we share so many interests...I'm taking on some sewing projects, and of course woodburning is my passion. I'd love to hear some of your music.