Saturday, February 27, 2010

Proceeds to Red Cross

Due to the number of earthquakes and winter storms across the globe, and now an expected tsunami, the proceeds from my Artfire shop from today until Mother's Day May 9, 2010 will be donated to the Red Cross International Response Fund.

The way the donation works:

The shipping cost of the item covers the actual shipping cost of the item. 100% of the price of the item purchased will be considered the donation. Exceptions are if the shipping cost is higher than the shipping charged, then the difference will be taken from the item cost and the remainder donated. Also, if shipping is overcharged, I usually refund the difference to the buyer, but for the next month I will add it into the donation. So donations will be figured one of three ways depending on the circumstances: 100% item price, 100% item price plus leftover shipping charges, or almost all the item price after needing a bit to cover excess shipping charges.

The Red Cross does not take Paypal for donations. Because of this, I will be consolidating all received funds into my account and then making a donation of the accumulated amount with my credit card. Because of this, I will likely not be able to provide proof of the donation.

If you are worried about how much will actually be donated, you can donate to the Red Cross directly.

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