Saturday, March 27, 2010

I'm learning to crochet

Yep, you read that right. I gave up on knitting for the time being because I just don't seem to have the dexterity to handle two needles lol (though the local yarn shop knitting group has offered that I can sit in with them any time I want to attempt it again). I still have a long piece on the needles because I can't seem to get past a few rows before I get frustrated.

So I decided I'd try crochet (as my mother had suggested when I mentioned knitting)...and I took right to it! Working with a single hook and without anything on the needle to slide forward better suits my current dexterity level. I got the Chicks with Sticks crochet book (the counterpart to the knitting book I mentioned previously) from Crafter's Choice and with the first stitches (slip stitch, chain formation, and single crochet) I started working on the first project, a bag. The first panel (as you'll see below) had some issues lol it took me several rows to recognize the ends to get all the stitches in a row. My gauge was pretty consistent, though it got better as I went along and I'm still stitching too tight (working on that!). The second panel is much much better lol It's more square, as you can see from the way it started.

I've gotten farther along since I took that picture. I have finished the second panel and am now stitching the panels together. I'll try to take a pic when I finish (should be soon). I'm also proud to say that I was finally able to set up my new sewing machine (Christmas present from my in-laws) and I got to play with it to make a crochet hook case from old torn clothes I'd been stashing as practice fabric. It's not too good aesthetically lol but it's practical and works for the time being.
So much good stuff going on in my crafty corner!

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