Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New things and growth - an EtsyBlogger carnival

This week's EtsyBlogger blog carnival theme is to talk about a new item and the creative juices behind it (well, that's my paraphrasing of it anyway lol) to celebrate Spring, which is a time of new things and growth.

I've made lots of new things lately, and been growing a bit as well (see the crochet adventures), but only recently got around to getting a few of these things up in my Artfire shops. I have to get going on an astronomy-related item for MSOE, which will go up in my Etsy shop. But to keep on the theme of Spring, let me show off my fairy pod pendants.

Using polymer clay, I shape a type of drop/pull pendant with a cup, and then place a pearlescent ball (also made from polymer clay) in it. After curing I ensure the ball is adhered (if not, I get out the industrial strength adhesive), and then I give it a nice glossy glaze.

When I shape them I give them a built in bail that I thread hemp or waxed linen through and then add the findings for clasps.

I've made them in a couple of colors and plan on making more, but I've been making swirl drop pendants, another style I wanted to try, and that you can find here.

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