Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thinking about my Mom

This week's Blogfire blog carnival theme is an approach to Mother's Day, which is in about a week in the U.S. Seems fitting that I should get a chance to write about what I'm planning on sending my Mom since she's on my mind quite a bit the last 2 days. Tuesday she took a hard fall and nearly broke both arms! Currently she's limited in movement and is waiting to hear for sure that she didn't break both wrists! Luckily, my aunt lives just a few blocks away and she has friends who can help her with odds and ends until she gets the full use of her arms back.

Anyway, I had put together a nice package of smelly things for her to help with her normal summer activities. Her birthday is around Mother's Day, so I try to overdo it just a little, which means this list probably isn't complete, though I haven't decided what else yet.

Aloe vera soap from SilverPalaceSoaps: It never fails that she burns her forehead in the sun. She'll be good until the end of the summer, and then bam, she's a tomato. Or she'll "only" be working outside with her flowers/weeding and end up calling me to say she's burnt and wants an "aww". Now she can soothe the burn when she takes her post-outdoors stuff shower.

Speaking of her outdoor gardening, I got her felted gardener's scrub soap from ABreathofFrenchAir. Now she can scrub her fingernails and get all the grime off at the same time. And it smells wonderful (I got tea tree scent).

And then I got her a ladybug lotion and decorative soap set from SpottedCowSoaps. She loves ladybugs, and I totally thought of her when I saw this set. In fact, Ms. Moo is the reason I went the smelly route for Mom, because I just had to get her the ladybugs.

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Carey Lynn said...

very sweet birthday/Mother's Day package! I'm sure it'll brighten her day, and she'll think of you everytime she uses those soaps:)