Friday, June 18, 2010


Ha! I got your attention with the title. No, this is not about soccer/football. But you're already here, so just keep reading!

This week's EtsyBlogger blog carnival is about goals, and boy do I have a list! The big plan is that this time next year we'll be buying a house. We set the long-term goal because we're ready to address the financial planning, but also because I need more work space!!

Good reason huh :)

Yes, I can no longer handle shifting between having my laptop and sewing machine on my desk, or working with the polymer clay on whatever available surface space in the house, and I want a pasta machine and clay oven, but we don't have anywhere (and I do mean absolutely nowhere) to put them! or even store them! We had to get a storage unit for my books!! *whines*

So yeah - that's the long-term goal. And along with it comes dreams of a garden, a room dedicated as a library, and a woodshop in the garage with all the great table-based tools (though short-term I'm hoping for a Dremel and drill attachment). I want a sewing table where I can leave the sewing machine and fabric out, fighting with the cat over the prime table top territory, and to be able to walk away from work, and craft without seeing it (I might die from anticipation).

We'll see if we've done our homework in time for this to be true a year from now. I'm extremely picky :) lol If not next year, then the year after that....I hope.

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