Friday, July 2, 2010

CraftHope update

Remember that towel project for CraftHope project 8 I mentioned awhile back. Well my 30 or so towels and dishrags is just a drop in a bucket. The response they've gotten has been overwhelming and they are now running out of space to hold all of the donations and they now need to rent trucks to deliver the overflow to other Gulf animal agencies.

So now they need money, instead of towels. This huge response also has them filing non-profit status. They will try to work with the agencies they deliver to to get receipts, but at this time it's going to be donations for donation-sake instead of tax purposes.

A small community of crafters trying to make a small difference has just mushroomed into an international non-profit. This proves how it only takes a seed of hope to make a huge difference.

In the meantime the IMMS is cleaning turtles with our (collectively, the hundreds who have donated) lovingly cut towels. How awesome is that?!

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