Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hot hot hot

Wooooo it is hot up here. This heat wave made us break down and buy an air conditioner. I'm testing out the little window unit as I write. The 4th of July weekend was nice though, cool at night. I tried to see the town fireworks from our porch but a grove of trees hid my view. They were loud though, and every now and then sky would get a little bit lighter as a big one went off. The cat was not a happy camper.

This week's Blogfire blog carnival is about red, white, and blue - so along those lines I've got some hot stuff for you.

To the right is my Americana bottlecap pendant. It's made from polymer clay and it looks how I feel at the moment. A little runny, but held together.

Below is a Star spangled bikini by debbieleather

Vintage lady with USA flag scrabble tile pendant from Creating Nature

Red white and blue fantail bustle tutu by KimberPerry

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