Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer is almost over

*sigh* Summer is almost over. It's been a hot and humid one here, so I can't say I'm not anxious for Fall, but we haven't really done much either. Summer is usually vacation time, and we did finally get away for a couple days earlier this week, but it's nothing like we had been planning on doing. One of this week's EtsyBloggers blog carnival themes is on our favorite getaway this summer - well, since I only have one to talk about, it's an easy choice.

My mom grew up taking a summer trip every year to Lake George, near Ticonderoga, New York. She's talked for years about going back there. So we joined her and my sister and various other family members there for a few days this year when it finally happened. We stayed in a nice little lake cabin, just a quick walk down to the lake. It's absolutely beautiful, clear water. And the area is beautiful. I can see why my mom has such fond memories.

Of course we also visited Fort Ticonderoga - a rebuilt structure representing 300 years of American history. From its role in the French and Indian war, when it was Fort Carillon, to the famous men who graced its footpaths during the Revolution - George Washington, Ethan Allen, Benjamin Franklin, Benedict Arnold, and Thaddeus Kosciusko (that's funny because I grew up in Kosciusko County, Indiana).

We also went up on Mount Defiance, a strategic position from which vantage point they could fire cannons at invaders and receive/send signals from/to the Fort below. On the right you see the view of Mount Defiance from the Fort. At the top now is just a picnic area, a flagpole, and some fake cannons.

The location is where Lake Champlain meets Lake George, major waterways to the Hudson River, an important route during the Revolutionary War. From on top Mount Defiance it's a breathtaking view of the Champlain area.

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