Thursday, August 19, 2010

That Hot Sun

It's been an unusually hot summer up here. We're starting to have cool and not as humid nights again, and yesterday was absolutely gorgeous, but today is a glaring hot day again. Some of you who have known me or read my blog for awhile probably remember that I moved up here from North Carolina 2 years ago to (for one reason) get away from the southern heat. Well, the weather lately has made me think about the Hot Carolina Sun.

I much prefer the gentle pinks and purples of the clouds and mountains at sunset instead of the glaring orange sphere.

But soon it will be cold again, and I'll long for a little sun through the window - I've already seen a few leaves starting to change. The red sugar maples are feeling the cool down start and they're popping ever so slowly here and there.

To every end there is a beginning, for every sunrise a sunset. That's the theme of this week's Blogfire blog carnival. Stop by the guild blog to read others' posts.

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