Friday, September 10, 2010

Etsybloggers Life

This week's EtsyBloggers blog carnival is interestingly on topic with my life right now. My birthday was this week - I turned 31. Not a major one, I know, but there's something odd about rolling over into the 30s. Where did my 20s go? When did I become an adult?

The blog carnival asks "What are your goals for this quarter of your life?", for me that would mean now to 50.

I don't know. That's what is so odd about rolling over into 31. Up to the late 20s and 30 it was school, then it was work, now it's...hmmm yeah.

I guess my goal is to spend time doing things I enjoy, to buy a house (thus facilitating the doing things I enjoy part by having a big kitchen and a crafty work space), but somewhat to rediscover who I am. I'm at a point in life where the things I was supposed to work towards are already behind me. So I have to figure out what's important to me to keep going forward with.

I guess I kind've bypassed the norm by not having kids - I don't have the day to day that seems normal for many - the drive to get up in the morning fueled by the needs of a dependent (unless you count the cat, but she's nice for snuggles in the morning and doesn't mind if I take my time getting up). And it really isn't on my list of goals for this quarter. Maybe later when I've seen the world and mastered every craft and read every book - the next quarter of my life lol

So I guess my goal is to just enjoy the fact that it's my life to choose - each day can be something new.


Splendid Little Stars said...

Enjoying your life is a great goal! maybe the most important one. I hope the next quarter of your life brings you joy and fulfillment.

storybeader said...

oh yes, leaving the 20s behind, and becoming an adult! You're so lucky to be crafting now... I got a late start!

Good luck in your professional life - I run into a lot of people who keep saying "the application calls for experience!"