Friday, November 19, 2010

Current work

This week's EtsyBloggers blog carnival is about inspirations, including what we're currently working on.

I recently took a couple craft classes that have inspired me. One was felting - and though I still haven't figured out the best amount of wool to use, I have fun designing and squishing the materials.

Another class was bead netting bracelets. So I've been absolutely bead crazy ever since. I've been trying different colors, charms, and even beading styles outside of what the class covered. I'm addicted and once I gain confidence in the strength of my closing knots you'll see more of the bracelets (I wear them now - but eventually I'll have too many! lol)

I've also been painting. I was browsing Artfire and ran across wood cutouts that I could not wait to paint. The first ones are now up in my Eclecticwood shop. Pig and cow ornaments! Enjoy!


Missie said...

I was thinking of taking a bead netting class - but it was really expensive. Did you have to pay a lot for yours? Or are the classes near me just trying to rip me off? LOL

AliciaMae said...

I think it was like $35 for a 3 hour class (~$10 goes to the craft studio for facility use/administration and $25 to the instructor for her time) with an additional $10 at the class for materials. I have a League of New Hampshire Craftsmen Studio School in the town where I live and they host the artisans.