Friday, December 17, 2010

The holidays

Remember that Christmas song, "...for the holidays you can't beat home sweet home!"

So true for me. I live about a thousand miles from my family back home. With work, weather, and travel fatigue I haven't been 'home' for Christmas in a few years. I'm feeling it this year.

This week's EtsyBlogger blog carnival is about how we celebrate the holidays. I'm going to take this opportunity to tell you how I bring in aspects of the holidays as a child back home into my Christmases as an adult far, far away.

Around this time of year the UPS guy moans when he sees our address on a box! His big brown truck can't make it up the steep hill that is our driveway once that first layer of snow is down. So he lugs up the boxes by foot...14 lbs, 24 inches square....he's a trooper! The reason he's subjected to this is due to family - mine and my boyfriend's both send packages filled with gifts. Growing up there was always the mystique of the boxes under the it's the mystique of the box in the UPS guy's hand lol

We still have our little 3 foot tree on a TV tray behind the couch. It doesn't have many ornaments on it this year though - we got a new kitty (I'll post about him soon) and I didn't want too much temptation. Our family tree growing up was packed with ornaments - more so as the years progressed. Us kids always made them at school and church - and sometimes at home. And we had the yearly family ornament and the baby's first christmases and our small engraved ornaments...I've started collecting snowman ornaments with mine and my boyfriend's names on them. Someday we'll have a big tree and an assortment of personal and handmade ornaments, too!

This year we both have Christmas off from working (at least I think I will lol) - which is a first. So we'll have a relaxing day full of food smells, just like when I was growing up. Usually it's ham for the Christmas meal - but we're doing turkey this year. Either way there's always plenty to eat for the next week :)

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