Thursday, December 23, 2010

This year

The last Blogfire blog carnival of 2010 is about the holidays and reflecting back on the year. I'm taking this opportunity to share this with you...

We have a new addition with us for Christmas this year - reflecting back on the year he is probably the best thing about 2010.

Meet Skipper :

Yes, he sleeps like that lol

We adopted him from a local shelter 2 weeks ago. They had found him emaciated and dodging traffic on Main Street earlier this year or so. He's absolutely gorgeous, and such a sweetheart - though he does like to play a bit more than our old girl can tolerate, so I'm on kitty play duty most's horrible ;)

This year was a little rough - I had some questionable health issues that overshadowed good things at my boyfriend's work, and I've been busy as all get out taking on new roles and tasks - but we're hoping next year to visit family - my cousin's getting married, another is expecting a baby - so I'll be visiting back home as well as my boyfriend's family as we've been planning all year. We're also hoping to buy a house of our own, and we'll have our pals with us.

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