Thursday, January 20, 2011

What's next

I've been a bit stagnant with my shops in the last year. I have huge plans, lots of supplies, and have written many designs and ideas down...but I lack time and space. I hope this to change in 2011.

This week's Blogfire blog carnival is about what's in store for our businesses in the coming year. Crafting isn't yet a business for me - but I do hope to become better at keeping up with so it becomes a more self-sustainable hobby.

Here's what I plan to do this year:

1. Buy a house. No, not just for the crafting lol though we do plan on ensuring any house we buy (which we're planning as a life-step anyway) has an extra room for me to store supplies in, work in away from everything else, and spread out in. I really really hope we're able to do this -I'm getting claustrophobic and I hate that I can't just sit down and work, there's a whole hassle of moving things and finding where my stuff is involved that really takes away from any inspiration.

2. List items more regularly. Even when I've gotten things made I'm really bad about getting pictures taken and listing the items. Mainly because I have the hassle of finding somewhere to take photos and then actually putting the information online. I plan on having a light box setup in my new craft area and we have an extra camera now I'll just use for that.

3. Make more things. I love to make things - all sorts of things - and I have the supplies to prove it! I plan on having time set aside each day to make something, anything, just to keep the creative juices flowing and working.

But again, a lot of it hinges on space and losing this claustrophobic feeling I have. So for the first half of the year the plan is to update my shops and get more into blogging again. I know I've been a quiet...I'm just uber-busy planning :)

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