Sunday, April 3, 2011

A decision

I've been neglecting this blog. I know. And I haven't made anything new in awhile, and it's been even longer since I updated my shops. Yeah, I know. And I have some time away coming up when I'll be putting everything in vacation mode. So...I've had to make a decision. The truth is, I love making things - but my whims run the gamut. The hope is that we'll buy a house this summer and I'll have more dedicated space to play. And the consequence of this playing is inevitable stuff, which I can't keep! lol So giving up the shops is not an option (I don't think). So, when I return from all of my family obligations at the end of May I will be revamping my shops and products with the goals of clearing out what's there and making room for a revitalization this Fall. And I will be dedicating at least a couple hours 2 days a week to this blog (kind of hard to put the screws to my Blogfire peeps when I'm not following through ;) ) I will be deactivating the Artfire, ecrater, and silkfair shops this week - so if there was something you were looking at, get it now. I'll probably be auctioning off bulk lots later to clear the items, so feel free to make an offer as well. Happy Spring!

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Cozy said...

As you know I am just getting back to normal or whatever passes for it. Do what you have to it will be okay.