Thursday, April 28, 2011


This week's Blogfire blog carnival is about talents we wish we had.

I wish I had a lot of talents. I really can't list them all! lol From instruments I wish I could play to better artistic talent - oil painting, watercolor, charcoal - and carpentry. I would build bookshelves, a shed, even our house!

I think though that most realistically, the talent I wish I had was sewing. I have a great sewing machine, and I can do some with it, but I find it quite challenging most times to do more than patching. I would make my own clothes if I could!!

The clothes I buy either are not long enough, the sleeves are too short, the neck not just right, the material bunches or be able to fix it, or avoid it altogether, would be wonderful!

Perhaps someday I'll have time to gain the talent...for now I'll just wish

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