Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sad news

I'm deeply saddened by the news that DesertMaidenBath owner (and fellow Artfire member) Angelica Shaaf passed away yesterday in her sleep due to complications from diabetes. I had recommended her soap products and candles here and elsewhere for quite some time, and she was one of the friends I made on Etsy over the years. She also became a bit infamous for her work with EtsyBitch.

She has four young boys and a husband she loved very much who, I'm sure, have a long road ahead of them as they come to terms with their loss.

It's always hard to lose someone, even harder when they're so young. Her husband is using her Facebook account for condolences, and CreativeBreakroom has information about helping them in this time of need.

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Carey Lynn said...

My heart goes out to her family; and I'll check into the link for offering up some support for them.