Friday, June 10, 2011

I hate summer

Yes, you read right - I hate summer...the bugs, the heat, the pollen, the sunburn, the sweat...yuck.

This week's Blogfire blog carnival is about Summer Fun. Most people enjoy the pool or the beach, or a nice amusement park - I used to go to amusement parks, but haven't been in years, and quite honestly I can't stand the thought of the walking and sweating all day and the sunburn to follow! lol I'm getting old :) I also don't like to swim - used to love it, not so much anymore.

Now my idea of summer fun is a nice air conditioning unit, praying that the power stays on, and a good antihistamine.

However, there can be nice summer days - a nice breeze, shaded by trees, the pollen down...I'd work on my flowers, sit outside and read, let our little girl cat roam in the grass. So far this year though it just has not happened. I have allergies I've never had before, the heat is ridiculous, the storms are record breaking, and I just am thankful for being inside. Fun fun fun

What do you do to stave off the summer heat?

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