Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New house, new plans

I know - it's been awhile. But I bought a house! We've been busy doing paperwork, packing, cleaning, moving, and setting up for the past 10 weeks...but now I'm back. Limping back...but still moving forward. I've been cleaning up my Artfire shops, been getting Blogfire back online, and am trying to line up holiday plans for crafting, blogging, and promoting.

The new house means I finally have....wait for it....MY OWN SPACE FOR CRAFTING!!! YAAAAYYYY. You cannot know how happy my office slash craft room makes me! I'm still getting it all set up, but eventually I'll have a sewing table, and storage shelves, and filing cabinets, and all sorts of room to spread out and have multiple projects going at once - which is how I work best!

The current state of the room also opens up all sorts of creative possibilities for me. It's currently lime green with all sorts of damage to the wall. In fact, the whole house is kind of that way (except in bright red...eek)! I've done some painting, but the whole place is giving me an outlet (and exercise! Painting a whole wall is a lot more strenuous than a small wood box lol).

I've also been redoing the bathrooms, and kitchen, and all sorts of things! I'll be doing before and after pics with descriptions of the home projects once I get something completed (most are halfway or part way there because of logistics or cost), and the pictures sorted. It's a whole new avenue for this blog!

Also with my larger kitchen, expect better cooking posts. *sigh* I'm so excited!!

See ya again soon :)

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